Smart University of Medical Sciences


Smart University of Medical Sciences (SMUMS) is the first and only specialized university in e-learning and new technologies in the field of Medical Science in Iran. SMUMS was established in 2016 in alliance with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education policies. Since its founding, the university has contributed to the growth of the virtual education approach in the country, by developing software, introducing new teaching strategies, and compiling guidelines and regulations about virtual education.

SMUMS collaborates with several national and international health organizations to create, produce, and deliver virtual and blended programs to audiences around the world. Education is considered a part of the activities of the SMUMS however, its scope of activities is broader than mere education. The creation of the NAVID platform as a national Learning Management System (LMS) is a major accomplishment of the Smart University of Medical Sciences and is being used by almost 70 medical universities nationwide. Another major project that was successfully designed and implemented by SMUMS is the first standard national Massive Online Open Course (MOOCs) platform, ARMAN to provide nationwide equal educational opportunities. This platform has a wide range of interactive courses to choose from.

The Smart University of Medical Sciences has provided a virtual master's degree in "Medical Education," exclusively for faculty members of medical universities. To date, over 1500 professors have participated in this program. A virtual residency program of “Family Medicine” has been created in the SMUS in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, and Medical Education. And since 2020 the SMUMS has launched a Ph.D. program for “e-learning in Medical Education.

Due to medical advancement and significant modifications to the health care delivery system, education and research are almost impossible without the use of artificial intelligence, the Internet, and computer connections. The introduction of new information technologies into educational, research, healthcare and treatment facilities has altered how learning generally is done and how health treatments are delivered. Users are now exposed to a wide range of fresh information.

Currently, SMUMS oversees all universities and medical institutions in the country as the main trustee for the development of artificial intelligence in the fields of health and medical education as well as virtual education and offers its services to more than 300,000 individuals, including staff, students, professors, and community members.