Advisor for International Affairs

Prof. Shoaleh Bigdeli




Dr.Shoaleh Bigdeli is a Professor of Medical Education at the School of Medicine at the Iran University of Medical Sciences. She received her doctorate in Curriculum Theories and Implementation from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, and received several certificates from FAIMER in medical education. She is AMEE Associate Fellow (AFAMEE) and ASPIRE to Excellence in Technology Enhanced Learning Panelist. She has collaborated on several gamification projects in Canada and Iran. Dr.Bigdeli has been a supervisory committee member of more than 50 post-graduate theses in medical education, given more than 80 presentations at universities and conferences, published more than 70 articles, and co-authored several books and chapters. She is an editorial board member of some medical education journals. She is enthusiastic about teaching and learning issues and her teaching and research interests range widely on topics related to medical education, teaching and learning in higher education, technology-enhanced teaching and learning, curriculum, distance learning, gamification for learning, and philosophy of education.


Tel: +9821 88 50 40 51T