The Virtual University of Medical Sciences has signed an agreement with CanHealth International Institute to use the Cyber-Patient educational platform. This platform is available to students, assistants, fellows, and faculty members at five Iranian pilot universities.



By a memorandum of understanding with NextGenU, a suitable framework has been provided for the free use of this institute's courses. The following two virtual courses are jointly implemented in English

  • Masters of Public Health (MPH)
  • Masters of Medical Education (MME)


COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU)

 This network was created to foster scientific, educational, research, and technical collaboration among Islamic countries. Its primary function is to support educational and research networks in the field of virtual education, information and communication technology, and knowledge engineering. It also fosters increased collaboration among businesses, scientists, students, and Muslim academics.

The following highlights some of the efforts made by the Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences to enhance collaboration with this center:

  • Membership in COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network, aiming to expand international cooperation
  • Participation in the second general assembly of the Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities
  • Preparing and arranging a cooperation agreement and joint agreement for holding a family medicine course for non-Iranian Persian-speaking audiences


World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Holding joint meetings with the WHO representative in Iran to present capabilities and possibilities of the VUMS for expanding international collaboration
  • Holding an in-person workshop on reviewing clinical guidelines as well as a webinar at the request of this organization
  • Providing simultaneous English to Persian and Persian to English translations of all workshop lectures
  • Consultation and initial correspondence to hold two joint courses entitled:
  • Emergency Unit Management
  • Hospital Emergency Preparedness and Response


 City & Guilds

Based on the approval of VUMS Board of Trustees for concluding an executive contract for holding exams and training courses, and considering granting the exclusive representation of City and Guilds to Global Education Management Solutions, Ltd (GEMS) in Iran, a considerable number of exams and training courses were published on the university website. And access was made available to registered applicants.

The following courses were offered in three areas:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Health and Safety
  • Business Skills


TUMS International College

Initial steps were made to prepare the virtual material of the Persian language course for foreign students, including a review of similar institutions and the development of an initial draft of the contract between the university and this center.


 TUMS School of Dentistry

Collaboration between VUMS and TUMS School of Dentistry on the development of a blended DDS virtual course for international students.