Content Production and Virtualization of Education Management


1. Participation in developing the university's strategic plan.

2. Developing the annual operational plan concerning content and virtualization based on the university's strategic plan.

3. Planning affairs related to the production of electronic content.

4. Policymaking and planning for the formulation and implementation of technical, educational, and ethical standards for the production of electronic content

5. Participation in planning the ideal and timely educational virtualizations for programs leading to a degree in cooperation with the Department of Academic Affairs.

6. Planning and scheduling affairs related to the virtualization of non-degree programs.

7. Planning to conclude memorandums of understanding with other universities and organizations for the production of virtual non-degree programs.

8. Planning for optimal operation, maintenance, and updating of the learning management systems of the university.

9. Policymaking and planning for developing and implementing virtual program production standards.

10. Planning for the implementation of educational workshops and empowering professors for electronic production, virtual education, and playing the role of an online professor.

11. Planning for the production of MOOC programs.



Organization and Processes Improvement

12. Creating the necessary infrastructure to produce various and up-to-date electronic content.

13. Compilation and updating of guidelines for presenting virtual courses and programs.

14. Creating a suitable and up-to-date hardware and software platform and producing electronic content such as image, sound synchronized slides, motion graphics, simulations, augmented reality, virtual reality, multimedia packages, and many other advanced and standard content.

15. Execution of research projects and research and development to improve the quality of virtual programs, virtual education systems, and electronic content production.

16. Providing advice to applicants to produce appropriate electronic content.

17. Educational design, management, and implementation of virtualization of non-degree programs.

18. Participation in the design and conclusion of electronic content production agreements and non-degree virtual programs with other universities and organizations.

19. Selection and introduction of sound recording and imaging software and hardware for use in acoustic studios.

20. Setting up, maintaining, and operating the electronic learning management systems of the university.

21. Compilation and management of production standards of virtual programs.

22. Providing advice to applicants for the educational design of appropriate virtual programs.

23. Conducting educational workshops and empowering teachers to produce electronic content, virtual education, and play the role of electronic teacher.

24. Preparing, editing, and updating the sound and video recording studios’ software programs for optimal and maximum application of the existing facilities.

25. Design, implement, sustain, support, and promote the national MOOCs program.

26. Designing and producing or providing new virtual education software and new mobile gadgets based on the current needs of society for virtual education.

27. Educational needs assessment at the level of medical sciences universities of the country.

28. Receiving orders for the production of electronic content and virtual training programs from the medical sciences universities in the country.

29. Providing software and hardware infrastructure for medical sciences universities of the country based on university approvals.



Staff and Training and Empowerment

30. Planning and coordinating for the empowerment of unit personnel concerning electronic content production and virtual education.

31. Planning for the implementation of educational and empowerment workshops related to content production and virtual education.

32. Participation in preparing the educational needs of experts in the relevant fields.

33. Management of sound and video recording studios of the university.


Leadership and Guidance

34. University virtualization management and leadership.

35. Supervision and monitoring of all activities related to the production of virtual programs.



Monitoring and Supervision

36. Continuous and correct prospering of the preparation, use, and updating of electronic contents of the university.

37. Continuous and correct monitoring of the preparation, presentation, and updating of non-certificate virtual programs.



Internal and External Coordination

38. Participating in introducing the capabilities of the university and marketing for maximum application of the equipment available in the university.

39. Participation in developing educational programs with the cooperation of the Department of Academic Affairs.

40. Cooperation with the Department of Academic Affairs to virtualize educational programs leading to degrees.

41. Coordinating with the Department of Academic Affairs to produce all kinds of electronic content leading to degrees.

42. Coordination and cooperation with the country's universities to use the capacity of the university.



Reporting and Documentation

43. Preparation of reports on contracts concluded in the field of virtualization.

44. Preparation of the performance report of the content production unit.

45. Performance report of sound and video recording studios.



Innovation and Research

46. Identifying the latest technologies in the world in the field of virtualization and content production and updating hardware and software equipment in this field.