Description of Information Technology Management Duties



Planning and Policy Making


1. Compilation of information security administrative policies in the data center, headquarters, and users

2. Developing the organization's information security policy in accordance with information security standards

3. Planning and coordinating affairs related to the development plans of information technology and infrastructure of the university

4. Planning to conclude agreements on technology and infrastructure with other universities and organizations

5. Planning for continuous and accurate monitoring of the provision, use, and updating of university hardware and software equipment

6. Planning for continuous and accurate monitoring of the provision, use, and updating of outsourced hardware and software equipment of the university

7. Planning for setting up, optimal management, and maintenance of the university data center

8. Planning for setting up and maintaining the university's software systems, both administrative and educational

9. Planning to create a secure electronic platform for virtual education for students, teachers, managers, experts, etc.

10. Planning to create an electronic platform for the virtualization of university processes

11. Policymaking, planning, and Topography management maintaining and providing services to the university’s internal network

12. Policymaking, planning, and management of the university’s internal network connection with the global and national Internet networks, including radio communications, optical fiber, etc.



Organization and Processes Improvement


13. Providing and upgrading the necessary equipment to connect with the global Internet network, including optical fiber substrate, wireless network, and telecommunications

14. Maintenance and updating the university's data center, including information processing equipment, information storage equipment, security equipment, and network communications in the field of hardware and systems

15. Maintenance and updating of organizational systems such as the university website, organizational email, and organizational software

16. Identifying and using the latest technologies in the field of IT in order to improve virtualization infrastructures and optimal use of university hardware and software in this field.

17. Compilation and updating of instructions for the application of computers in the head office area

18. Identifying new technologies and updating the appropriate electronic platform for the virtualization of university processes

19. Maintaining and updating the university's internet and intranet systems in various fields required according to the current needs and based on the latest developments in the world.

20. Creating a proper infrastructure to implement for simultaneous communication including webinars, web conferences, and virtual classes

21. Creation, updating, and maintenance of VoIP internet phone hardware and software equipment according to the latest developments in this field

22. Maintaining and updating the necessary infrastructure to make backup copies of information

23. Maintaining and updating the internal network of the university in the field of hardware and software

24. Preparing and updating backup copies of user information and internal software

25. Preparation and updating of backup copies of users' information and internal software on schedule.


Staff and Training and Empowerment

26. Planning and organization for empowering the staff about new software, hardware, and network

27. Planning for the holding of training and empowerment workshops in subjects related to the department



Leadership and Guidance

28. Management of the hardware and software infrastructures of the university to provide better services and prevent conflicts in the relevant processes.

Monitoring and Supervision

29. Supervision and monitoring of all activities related to information technology in other parts of the university

30. Monitoring the performance of the data center concerning hardware and software

31. Monitoring the functioning of university hardware and software to promote and improve their performance

32. Participation in the monitoring and supervision of contracts concluded related to IT




Internal and External Coordination

33. Contacting and exchanging information with other universities in the country to introduce existing infrastructures in the field of content production

34. Establishing effective and permanent connections to prevent interruption of communication systems such as the internet and intranet

35. Receiving feedback from organizational units to correct complications and improve performance in the field of hardware and software


Reporting and Documentation

36. Preparation of university hardware and software performance reports

37. Preparation of reports on the status of progress and implementation of contracts in the IT field

38. Preparation of reports on specialized and professional events in the field of information technologies such as workshops, webinars, etc.


Innovation and Research

39. Identification of new hardware and software equipment for implementation in management and educational programs of the university


The Experts of the Infrastructure Department

Mehdi Estaji

IT Manager

Matin Javaheri

Network Expert

Hadi Karimi

Software Expert



 Hamed Nateghi

Webinar Expert

 Sina Heydari

Webinar Expert

Marzieh Movahedin

Webinar Expert