Leadership and Guidance

1. Attempts to expand and develop virtualization in medical universities of Iran

2. Attempts to promote research in the field of virtual education by conducting workshops and implementing theses in the field of virtual education in medical universities of Iran and allocating appropriate resources.



Budgeting and Economic Analysis

1. Planning and proposing the annual budget of the Vice Chancellor for Research Affairs in accordance with the university’s priorities

2. Striving to increase the budget allocated to research and grants and distributing them appropriately according to the needs and level of research activities



Monitoring and Supervision

1. Performing activities related to the annual evaluation process of university research activities

2. Following up on the process of obtaining the final and definitive approval of the research centers after examination at the relevant faculty in the future.

3. Following up the process of developing research centers for each faculty in the future.



Human Resources and Training and Empowerment

1. Empowering research affairs through two mechanisms:

-Holding required educational workshops

-Providing necessary advice at various stages of a research program


2. Training the unit’s staff to use online research systems and software



Inter-departmental and Sub-departmental Coordination

1. Regular participation in intra-unit and sub-unit coordination meetings and relevant committees

2. Establishing appropriate interaction with other planning and executive units of the university to provide research services

3. Establishing appropriate engagement in utilizing the intra-organizational and intra-organizational capabilities of other medical sciences universities and e-learning poles in order to enhance university research activities.

4. Establishing appropriate connection between experienced and capable human resources with academic centers inside and outside the country in order to design and adjust the most applicable research programs.

5. Collaboration of scientific consultations with the relevant ministry to identify appropriate solutions for the development of quantitative and qualitative virtual education.



Reporting and Documentation

1. Providing necessary statistics and reports to the Chancellor of the University on the duties of the unit.

2. Preparation of annual official reports on the research situation of the university and changes of research indicators during the given period for submission to the relevant authorities.



Innovation and Research

1. Striving to achieve the highest rank in the nation’s ranking system by strengthening and equipping research systems and infrastructures.