Vision and Mission


Goals Of Academic Affairs:

The office of Academic Affairs of the Smart Medical University is determined to utilize the scientific capacity of professors, staff and learners and modern educational technologies in cyberspace to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

This goal is to be achieved with an emphasis on Islamic values, preserving human dignity, observing social justice, educational excellence, equal educational opportunities, work groups and interdisciplinary collaborations in order to provide the necessary conditions for the qualitative and quantitative promotion of education in the Islamic field.

Accordingly, the task of planning, managing, and directing the university’s virtual education affairs, supervising the proper implementation of research educational rules and regulations, deciding on educational issues, policy making, and making necessary commitments, to enhance educational quality are among the major objectives of the office of Academic Affairs.

Furthermore, this office aims to make use of significant communication tools and design new teaching methods, namely, e-Learning to increase efficiency and reduce costs and develop varied training programs to cover a broader range of the community and offer different sciences, tailored to the community’s needs in cyberspace.

Also among the aspirations of this department is to educate the future researchers and managers of the country, which is one of the crucial and decisive factors in developing the country to reach a high scientific, economic and welfare status.

One of the goals of this department is to promote the quantitative and qualitative development of virtual education, expand international educational activities and upgrade the national and international educational status of the university based on the country’s National Medical Education Evolution and Innovation Plan.



Duties of Academic Affairs:

Considering the structure of Smart Medical University (SMU), the Department of Academic Affairs has been approved. The department of Academic Affairs covers a wide range of educational and research areas. But in terms of functionality, educational activities and research activities are planned separately in spite of being integrated.

The department of academic affairs of SMU is the principal supervisor for education, research and coordination and is responsible for the following duties:

1-   Planning for the effective implementation of approved curricula and providing conditions for the development of education (launching new courses, higher education).

2- Planning to enhance the teaching activities of faculty members and recruit new faculty members tailored to the educational needs and increase the involvement of faculty members in the management, operational and evaluation processes.

3-  Planning to upgrade the university rank at the national level and to develop the quality of scientific poles according to the needs of the country.

4-  Planning to establish and develop electronic services and smart technologies.

5-   Planning to expand continuing education, in-service and short-term training at national and international levels, and to expand virtual courses and use of mass media capabilities.

6-  Liaising with other academic units, health departments and relevant centers to offer suggestions and collaborate

7-    Compiling and preparing rules and regulations for research and education councils and conducting specialized education and research council meetings for educational policy-making and handling.

8-   Specialized, technical and cultural contextualization for the development of virtual education and blended learning.

9-   Preparation of research educational minutes and following up on the affairs of the council’s minute items.

10- Performing educational tasks: educational need assessment and student information entry.

11- Coordination for meetings and sending letters to staff concerning relevant issues and following up with the matter.

12-  Attending workshops and lectures and concluding the lecture content.

13-  Coordinate with the office for continuing education to obtain permits required for some workshops.

14- HSR council affairs and the administration and supervision of the proper conduct of all research, technology, libraries and databases in accordance with the provisions and regulations.

15- Develop, strengthen, and direct approved research projects with the priority of targeted applied research projects that are based on the country’s comprehensive scientific plan.

16-  Contribute to the provision of scientific, cultural and scientific seminars and conferences and carry out all matters of research and service contracts between the university and other institutions, as well as the preparation and arrangement of research project contracts.

17-  Contribute to the provision of short-term research courses for non-academic institutions.

18-  Prioritize innovation in theoretical and applied research areas required in the country and control the monitoring of university research processes based on the calendar specified in the approved research project plan.

19-  Endeavour to conduct training and knowledge-building courses, evaluate and update content, increase efficiency, and enrich faculty members.

20-  Provide justification reports on the office’s educational and research activities based on the goals of the Country Vision Document and Development Plans in the Higher Education Sector for the Board and other tasks assigned by the University Chancellor.