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Artificial Intelligence

International Congress on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Sciences (AIMS 2023)

The congress will be a unique opportunity to present significant theoretical, methodological and applied results related to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine.

The AIMS 2023 congress will be hosted by Smart Medical University in Kish Island, Iran from March 17_19,  AIME 2023 will include invited speakers, long and short presentations, poster sessions, tutorials, workshops and a doctoral consortium. 

With long term political initiatives and planning, Iran aims to become one of the top ten countries in the world in the field of AI by 2031. It is intended to increase GDP by $4 billion by the use of AI techniques in medical sciences.

The primary goal of this congress is to communicate and establish a network with researchers and experts, as well as to identify potential shortcomings, challenges, and opportunities. One of the most important aspects of this congress is the establishment of an interdisciplinary common language among different clinical and computer science experts by holding summer schools, journal clubs, and student festivals to ensure that participants get the most out of the conference programs. It is hoped that researchers will gain a thorough understanding of interdisciplinary sciences and will be able to share knowledge and experience with domestic and international experts in the field.





The AIMS2023will be organized around the following six major scientific axes that have been agreed upon by computational and clinical science experts:

  • -Data collection and analysis
  • -Medical signal and image processing
  • -Telemedicine, robotics and person-centered medicine
  • -Intelligent healthcare systems
  • -Optimization of medical sciences and pharmaceutical industries
  • -AI philosophy and future studies in medical sciences


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