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Launching telemedicine, the MOU between the Smart University of Medical Sciences and the Hormozgan Governorate

Setting up telemedicine in the areas requested by the Hormozgan Governorate to provide medical services to patients was the subject and purpose of this MOU.

In the ceremony held for the signing of the MOU between the Smart University of Medical Sciences and Hormozgan Governorate, Dr. Bagheri Fard, Deputy Minister of Education of the Ministry of Health and Education, stated, “This MOU is for the fair access of people in deprived areas to health, education and treatment. The Smart University of Medical Sciences will implement telemedicine services on a trial basis in this area with the cooperation of Hormozgan Governorate. We hope that this plan will be implemented in other provinces as well.” He further added, “With the signing of this MOU, Hormozgan Governorate will provide the hardware and software and the Smart University of Medical Sciences will provide the primary diagnosis and treatment services. And after the primary diagnosis, patients will be referred to specialized and sub-specialized centers.”


Mehdi Dousti, the governor of Hormozgan Province stated: "We are facing problems in terms of medical services per capita and quality of treatment in Hormozgan Province. Also, we do not have the time and resources required to set up necessary infrastructure." He further added that telemedicine is the best option for medical services considering the vastness of the province, especially the distance between the Iranian islands located in the Persian Gulf. “Therefore, we welcomed this innovative and bold plan, initiated by the Ministry of Health and Education” he continued.  The governor of Hormozgan Province further stated that the current administration is a popular government and our people need to feel our performance. He promised to provide this possibility for the public in two fields of education and medicine.

Dr. Arash Khojasteh, chancellor of the Smart University of Medical Sciences, stated, “The future of medicine in the world is faced with the growth of human resources on the one hand, and the remarkable growth and improvement of the quality of digital technologies on the other hand. The Smart University of Medical Sciences, as the first smart university, intends to improve education, treatment and public health by using advanced technologies. Telemedicine can provide medical services to people in areas who do not have immediate access to medical professionals. Patient follow-ups with digital systems will be much cheaper and training will be easier. We must enhance the software system and increase internet bandwidth with the support of other governmental bodies so that we can implement this plan in the best possible way.” Regarding cooperation with Hormozgan Province, Dr. Khojasteh added that the basic infrastructure of the province has already been identified and prepared with the cooperation of the governor.




The Obligations of the Parties Include:


Obligations of Hormozgan Governorate:

- Providing space to set up and establish a clinic and doctors' office for patients to visit

- Providing the necessary equipment and facilities

- Coordination with other relevant organizations and departments in Hormozgan province to facilitate the process of launching, establishing and supporting the provision of telemedicine  services.


Obligations of Smart University:

- Implementation, and establishment of clinics in the requested centers

- Providing specialist physicians for remote patient visits

- Providing the required software systems

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Nasrin Rouzbahani

Nasrin Rouzbahani




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