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Digital Library

SMUMS launches Digital Library

The Digital Library of Smart University of Medical Sciences was launched

Dr. Babak Sabet, vice chancellor of academic affairs of the Smart University of Medical Sciences, announced the launch of the digital library of the Smart Medical Sciences University, with the aim of making it easier for students to access digital resources.


Dr. Babak Sabet stated that the library of the Smart University of Medical Sciences has created 1256 membership profiles for all students, faculty members and staff. Therefore, these members can use the library services without applying for membership. In this regard, in order to use offline and electronic services, the members of the library must only visit the website of the digital library at http://elib.smums.ac.ir/ and enter their username and password in the "login" section at the top of the page of the main portal to enter the library portal. It should be noted that the username and password to enter the digital library is the member's national code.

Referring to the importance of updating library resources, Dr. Babak Sabet noted that 1000 English books in the field of artificial intelligence, medical education, psychology, general medicine, computer, virtual reality and augmented reality in medical sciences, educational technologies in medical sciences, system development software in the field of health have been purchased this year for members of the digital library of the Smart University of Medical Sciences to use and read.

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