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Announcement of the CINVU's Research Committee Members’ Names

The Research Committee Members’ Names of the CINVU's Supreme Strategic Council, consisting of Professors and International Managers of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education in Islamic Countries, were announced










According to the Public Relations Report of CINVU, According to the Announcement of the Secretariat of this International Organization: Dr. Davood Hosseinpoor from Allameh Tabataba'i University of Iran, Dr. Doumbia Mamadou from Université Virtuelle du Mali, Dr. Osman Hasan from National University of Sciences and Technology of Pakistan, Dr. Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi from Payame Noor University of Iran, Dr. Faridul Alam from Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mouszadeh from University of Applied Science and Technology of Iran, Dr. Zahid Majeed from Allama Iqbal Open University of Pakistan, Dr. Mohammad Vahid Binesh from Khatam Al-Nabieen University of Afghanistan, Dr. Seyed Abazar Hashemi Harikandeei from Al-Mustafa Open University of Iran, Dr. Omar Kefawin from University of Jordan, Dr. Parvaneh Parchekani from University of Science and Culture of Iran, Dr. Nambianal Emmanuel Ouba from Université Virtuelle du Burkina Faso and Dr. Tiemoman Kone from Université Virtuelle de Côte d'Ivoire, have become the Research Committee Members of the CINVU's Supreme Strategic Council which is under the Secretaryship of Dr. Mohammad Abdollahi from Tehran University of Medical Sciences of Iran.

Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, Secretary General of CINVU and Dr. Ali Karimi Morid, Deputy of Strategic and Executive Affairs and Head of the Permanent Secretariat of this Scientific and Academic Organization also, like other Committees of the CINVU's Supreme Strategic Council will be permanent members of the Research Committee.

Thus, with the completion of the process of appointing internationally renowned professors from member universities of CINVU, the writing of the First Document Outlining the Current and Desirable Research Situation of Universities in the Islamic World will be on the Agenda of this Committee in the coming days.

Based on the Executive Structure and By-Law of the Comprehensive Cooperation of the CINVU Members, the Educational, Research, Cultural, Economic, Media, Development and Growth, Information Technology, and Startups Committees in the Supreme Strategic Council of this International Scientific and Academic Organization are responsible for the mission of helping to advance the programs that with the joining of new professors from other universities, the scope of these committees activities will increase.

It is worth mentioning, CINVU is one of the Networks affiliated with "COMSTECH", the Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that is hosted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This International Organization is a base full of knowledge and ability, which strives to expand public higher education based on smart technology with the goal of justice, deepening and reliability of knowledge and thought, and educational, research, cultural, and skill empowerment of the Islamic world.

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