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International Affairs

First International Conference Explores Future of Education in Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence

- Virtual Learning Environments: Investigating the potential of metaverse and artificial intelligence technologies as a new learning environment and its implications for effective teaching and learning.

-Development of Learning Experiences: Expanding learning experiences and improving educational outcomes through the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other technologies.

-Digital Citizenship Education: Designing Al and metaverse-based educational programs, taking into account security concerns, as well as ethical and social issues, to prepare learners for the digital age.

-Gamification in Metaverse Learning: Examining how game design principles can be used in the metaverse space to increase interaction and motivation in learning.

-Analysis of Learning in Metaverse Format: Discussing the use and analysis of data in metaverse and artificial intelligence technologies to measure student learning and improve educational outcomes.

-Design and Teaching of Curriculum in Metaverse: Analyzing how metaverse and artificial intelligence technologies can be used in curriculum design and teaching methods to support student-centered learning and personalized education.

-Professional Growth of Teachers: Digital identity of teachers in the metaverse space.

-Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The role of metaverse in creating innovation and entrepreneurship education.
Conference Venue:

* Farhangian University - Nasibeh, Tehran - 29 to 31 July 2024

* The event's time has been extended due to the sudden coincidence with the Iranian Presidential Election.


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