• Jun 11 2023 - 09:01
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Open Webinar on Utilization of ePosters for Assessment

Sunday, June 11 2023 6:30 pm-8:00 pm IRST│ 3:00pm– 4:30 pm GMT



Utilization of ePosters for Assessment







About Webinar

Since 2011, ePosters, a modification of traditional paper-based posters, have gained popularity in medical education conferences. Unlike traditional posters, ePosters allow creators to focus on the learning process rather than solely reporting scientific outcomes. As a result, ePoster presentations have become an innovative active learning strategy and a component of student assessments in the Masters in Health Professions Education program.

In This webinar, co-hosted by Professor Kalyani Premkumar and Associate Professor Seyed Ahmad Ahmadi, we will discuss the utilization of ePosters as an assessment tool for online learning.


Utilization of ePosters for Assessment (poster)

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