• Upgrading, developing, and managing the necessary infrastructures in the best way possible. Supplying the necessary financial, physical, human, and informational resources in a knowledge-based framework.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology and new management techniques to enhance and expand the Smart University of Medical Sciences structure to enhance academic activities, boost interest, and expand its funding sources. 


  • Institutionalization of knowledge management
  • Establishment of the quality management system
  • Crafting a Strategy Management System
  • Establishment of performance evaluation and management system
  • Reforming the structural system of the university in line with missions and goals
  • Improving the allocation of financial resources
  • Outsourcing and assigning services that can be provided to the non-governmental sector
  • Development of an information technology system
  • Civil development within the framework of university goals and plans





  • Participation in the development of the university's strategic plan
  • Development of the annual operational plan of the vice president based on the objectives
  • Supplying the university's demands in terms of people, money, space, and information
  •  Monitoring the good implementation of administrative, financial, and utility laws and regulations
  • Determining the essential guidelines and instructions in the field of personnel, administration finance, and public affairs; conveying these guidelines and instructions; maintaining accounts; making expenses; and protecting property.
  • keeping track of how current, construction and special credits are doing
  • controlling the accounting rules and handling the records, financial reports, and account statements
  • Creating coordination between deputy units
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and coming up with reform ideas for management growth in the areas of the management system, structure, organization, systems and methods, job classification, and administrative science training.
  • establishing budget policies and standards based on plans and policies accepted by the ministry and the university
  • creation and presentation of the best architectural and construction designs in line with facilities and scientific principles
  • Analyzing the requirements for new construction, infrastructure, and equipment, as well as ensuring that university buildings are supplied, maintained, and renovated
  • controlling the planning, rules, and execution of building projects
  • Adopting the necessary measures to ensure the welfare of staff
  • Adoption of laws, rules, statutes, and other legal documents
  • Preparing and organizing plans and proposals related to the field of deputy






Mr. Mohamad Ahmadi
Supervisor for Management Development and resource planning